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Penny Leedal TTouch

What is TTouch?

Tellington TTouch is a kind and respectful way of working with animals which promotes self confidence and self control and helps them overcome a variety of health and behavioural issues.  

It was developed over 30 years ago by Linda Tellington Jones and is now recognised and used throughout the world by trainers, rescue workers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviourists, etc.

TTouch recognises a link between posture and behaviour and uses a mixture of bodywork, ground work exercises and equipment (such as special harnesses, body wraps, etc) to help release tension and promote a feeling of calm and well being.


TTouch bodywork is broken down into three groups: circles, slides and lifts.  The aim of these light pressure touches is to give the dog new information and experiences by engaging the sensory aspect of the nervous system.


By leading dogs over patterns of poles, cones, different textures, etc we aim to improve proprioception, focus and balance.  The leading exercises are carried out in a slow, precise manner and help dogs to experience balance, helping them to settle and self calm.  Groundwork can have a dramatic effect on behaviour as physical, emotional and mental balance are linked.


Pressure on the neck triggers bracing and increases stress levels in the dog.  By using a harness with two points of contact, one at the front and one on the back, we are able to take the pressure of the neck and help the dog to walk and stand in balance.  

In addition body wraps and T-shirts are used to further help calm the dog.  Body wraps are elastic bandages that are used in different configurations and help the dog to feel more secure and have a calming effect.  

What happens during a session?

A typical TTouch session, using a dog as an example, will start with a chat so I can gather some information about your dog.  I will then take some observations; your dog’s posture, appearance of the coat, balance, muscle development and overall demeanour at the time of the session are all taken into account.

I will then progress to working with your dog, using an appropriate combination of TTouches, wraps and groundwork.

During the session, close attention is paid on what your dog can do rather than what he can’t achieve and the session will be adjusted accordingly.

At the end of the session a plan will be discussed with the you and if necessary a follow up or series of follow up sessions will be arranged.  Afterwards I will email full details of the session, the plan and details of any Touches you should do on your dog and how to do them will be included.  I will also be available for any follow up questions or assistance you may require.